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My goal is to save you time and money and to help you

secure the best outcome for your client!

I graduated from nursing school in 1985 from Avila College in Kansas City, Mo. I married a week later and a year later was enlisted in the military as an army wife. We have 3 children. We have lived in the Savannah area since 2002. Patient safety and compliance have been my mission as a nurse for 30 years. Wanting a new challenge, I took the certification course to start my own consulting business in 2014 so now I'm here to put my experience, skills and expertise to work for you!

Your area's legal nurse consultant is just a phone call away! Call today! 912-663-1679

If this is you, there is no reason to have those medical records sitting in a file pile!

It's time to turn those records into dollars for your client and for you!

Neglect/Abuse/Unexplained injuries/Falls

Personal Injury/Soft tissue injury

Wrongful Death

Post operative complications

Medication Related Events

 Expert consulting services include

  • Reviewing and screening cases to keep you from wasting time and resources on non-meritorious cases;
  • Develop a chronology highlighting critical issues in your case
  • Reviewing and analyzing medical records for deviations from the medical and nursing standards of care that can affect the outcome of your case;
  • Summarizing medical records and preparing brief opinion reports to bolster your position;
  • Preparing in-depth medical and nursing literature searches that provide the theoretical foundation for your case development;
  • Identifying additional documents vital to your case preparation;
  • Locating expert witnesses who can support your case with authoritative testimony;
  • and much more...